Here’s The Graphic Video Of Suge Knight Fatally Injuring A Man With His Truck

03.09.15 3 years ago 39 Comments

In a newly released video from the January incident, Suge Knight can be seen plowing down a man and killing him. It appears as if two men are reaching into the driver side of a red truck, allegedly Suge’s vehicle, before the driver reverses, knocking one man — allegedly Cle “Bone” Sloan — to the side and dislodging a black object from his hands. TMZ suggests the object was a gun in their rendition.

At the :38 mark of the video, the truck accelerates forward at full speed for 10 feet, crushing Terry Carter under it. The vehicle then speeds off, shocking bystanders left in the wake.

Currently, Suge remains in jail after being charged with murder and attempted murder. He’s due back in court on Monday when it’s expected that his attorneys will file a request for prosecutors to turn over evidence in the case.

Update: Cle Sloan answers the speculation about whether the object he’s seen with is, in fact, a gun. Read about it here.

(via TMZ)

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