Suge Knight Says He’ll Beat The Dog Sh*t Out Of Rick Ross + Other Outlandish Quotes In New Interview

05.09.14 4 years ago 17 Comments

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Remember Suge Knight’s drunken, impromptu in-depth sidewalk interview last week? Thanks to some savvy LA resident thinking on their feet, he or she decided to walk up on Suge and that same TMZ camera man during their soul-bearing moment.

The quotes? Well, let’s just say they’re money. He says “one thing I’m say last before I go tonight” about a minute and change into the video. And there’s still damn-near seven minutes left! There’s nothing in the world quite like drunk rambling, especially from a six-foot, three-hundred pound former football player who moonlighted as the scariest man in rap.

On the NWA biopic:

“Cube, don’t be no buster! If y’all doing NWA, I was the n*gga who owned NWA. You holla at me, I’ma holla at you.”

On Rick Ross:

“Rick Ross, you know you owe that bread, titty man. I’m gon’ beat the dog shit out of you. And I swear to y’all it’s like this. I’m the first n*gga that had the bald head and beard from Bompton! So you tell Rick Ross, that’s using the next n*gga name, I’ll try to give the n*gga a fair shake saying, ‘Look, you owe this bread. Run this bread.’

When they do stupid shit, and the police involved, I got a show saying ‘They Ain’t Being Smart, They Being Stupid.’ I’ma invite mothaf*ckin’ Rick Ross on there. That ain’t his real name, whatever. If he can get me, I’ma shave my mothaf*ckin’ beard. When I beat his mothaf*ckin’ ass, kick him square in his mothaf*ckin’ ass and play with his titties, he need to shave his beard and go back to the police that he is.”

On Kendrick Lamar’s deal:

“One of those mothaf*ckas turn around and say, ‘Aye if Kendrick Lamar have a bad deal, tell Suge Knight, he can have Kendrick Lamar for a dollar.’ First of all, I would never disrespect Kendrick Lamar like that and treat him like he a prostitute. That’s the lil’ homie. He from Compton. He’s a great artist. I support everybody.

It’s not about the negativity. Don’t give him a bad deal and say you gon’ send him to me for a dollar. Show him that he really have a great deal because it’s not about you. Stop being the mothaf*ckin foot solider for Jimmy Iovine. Don’t be no slaves. Because if you do the math, understand one thing: if it go from Universal, to Interscope, to Aftermath, to Top Dawg Productions and the other person got a little side deal going on, then Kendrick Lamar, it can’t be a great deal.”

On the Supperclub:

“The Supperclub need to be shut the f*ck down. Somebody need to go over there and kick that dude square up his mothaf*ckin’ ass.”

Will I forever place partial blame on Suge for how the ’90s turned so dark and violent? Yes. Would I cuss him out giving the opportunity? No.

Paperwork, label specifics and how the money is split is information I’m not privileged enough to know. Yet, even while slurring his speech, it’s tough to say Suge’s point of view on Kendrick was totally off base. Oh, and whoever the next media personality is interview Rick Ross, the first and most important question needs to be his feelings on Suge’s assertion he’s going to play with his man boobs while handing out eye jammies.

Update: Nevermind. Crisis averted. Turns out Suge was just really drunk and didn’t mean what he said. He and #TittyMan were in the club together last week.

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