Suge Knight’s Shooting Possibly Being Investigated As An Attempted Murder

08.27.14 3 years ago 8 Comments
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There’s some weird, twisted sense of irony in Suge Knight being shot at a club multiple times nearly 18 years to the day Tupac was shot multiple times on the Vegas strip heading to Club 662.

Nevertheless, unlike Pac, Suge’s still alive. The real life Boogeyman and once scariest man in Hip-Hop – though he’s still quite intimidating – is recovering from the six shots that hit him in the wee hours of Sunday morning during a Chris Brown-hosted pre-VMA party.

According to Billboard, investigators believe the shots were indeed intended for the former Death Row Records boss and now the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is moving the case to its Homicide Bureau.

“Though the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has not released any news of progress in the case since a Monday press release confirming three victims were shot — Knight, 49, as well as a 19-year-old female and a 33-year-old man — and no weapon had been recovered or suspects placed in custody, a sergeant with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station told Billboard that there were in fact updates in the case but they were not yet ready for release.

“The sheriff’s department also confirmed the case has been moved to its Homicide Bureau, meaning the shooting is likely being treated as an attempted murder.” [Billboard]

Of note, too, no weapon has been found or suspects taken into custody, despite the shooting taking place in a crowded club in Los Angeles on an award show weekend. In other words, this has “unsolved Hip-Hop-related shooting” written all over it – or a “nobody” shooting as Katt Williams called it – unless a tape or someone comes forward with information.

Because, you know, that happens all the time.

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