Video From Suge Knight’s Assault Allegedly Shows Attackers Had Guns

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02.12.15 5 Comments
Marion "Suge" Knight Arraignment

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Suge Knight is facing life in prison for running over two men and killing one after he was supposedly attacked. New information leaked today just may be his saving grace though.

According to TMZ, the previously referenced surveillance footage of the incident shows that at least one man, Cle “Bone” Sloan, pulled a gun on Suge and possible another person had one as well. The report indicates that after Knight was ambushed and later ran over the victims, someone took the gun out of Bone’s hand and leaves with it before the police arrive.

It may not all be good news for the former CEO of Death Row Records though, because TMZ is saying law enforcement believe the video actually helps their case against Suge.

Self-defense is probably Suge’s best chance to be exonerated so if the footage shows what his team says this could clearly go a long way towards winning the case. But if the judge and jury see the footage the same way the police, do this could be the nail in the coffin for the big man.

(via TMZ)

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