Summer Madness: Gary Warnett

06.13.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Gary Warnett is a G. He does heavy work over at Crooked Tongues but his editorial reach stretches much further, ranging from doing copy for your favorite brands, dropping gems on his own Gwarizm website and plenty of other crevices in between. Google his name, read his words and, if you ever get the chance to meet him, prepare for a bellyache because he’s full of knee-slappers.

1. Trae – Street King — You can’t win with rap fans. They’re either shrieking about how an artist is slept-on or bemoaning the fact that the artist is set to be popular and thus will be adopted by new-jacks who never followed them in the early days. I don’t look forward to many albums, but Trae always delivers. His work ethic is terrific — he seems to release a street album every second. Many have cried because it’s riddled with guests — I don’t give a fuck how many guests are on the album, just as long as Bruno Mars isn’t involved. Every day should be Trae day…without the post celebration gunfire. (Link)

2. Terrence Malick’s ‘Tree Of Life’ — Malick is the man. I love Badlands, The Thin Red Line and Days of Heaven. The Pocahontas film veered a little too close to R Kelly territory, but on the whole, he makes interesting movies. I’ve barely got a spiritual bone in my body, but I heard word from friends fancy enough to attend Cannes, that this one’s pretty eye-opening. I think films like this have the potential to be life-affirming and offer a stupidity offset from all that WSHH viewing. (Link)

3. Kirkland White Tees — In the UK, we don’t get too much of a summer and that’s why I maintain the vampire pallor. But when the sun makes an appearance, it’s white tee season. I’m obsessed with them and I favor the Hanes Beefy and Pro Clubs, but they can be a little hard-to-find in this country. Polo tees fit wildly inconsistent, but Kirkland in the multi-packs from Costco fit okay and they’re the right weight to not feel like a sleeveless sweatshirt, but not be transparent and pause-worthy like some kind of blouse. Kirklands are disposable in a good way. (Link)

4. New Balance 1400s — New Balance is killing it at the moment, and to commemorate what little sun we get. these are being broken out at the earliest opportunity. I don’t own many 1400s, and I like the US build on these J. Crew ones. Orange suede? Black Scotchlite on the ‘N’? Powerful footwear that will be squandered on friends who couldn’t care less what I’m wearing, but those who understand will appreciate these. (Link)

5. Crack & Shine International — Graffiti books can be a little corny and that street art Banksy bullshit leaves me cold but this book is a classic. At present, I’ve only read it as a file on the iPad, but the production values are crazy yet the content is hardcore. I like that mix. It was produced in London by a London crew called Topsafe, but it features writers from all around the world. The photography is a real standout, but there’s plenty of content to read too if you want to get into the head of anyone crazy enough to risk their health and freedom to habitually write their name. (Link)

Gary can usually be found on Twitter, @Gwarizm, and on his personal site, Engage at your own risk.

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