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Jen Selter8Jen Selter

Super Bowl 2014 Ad Trends Bring Surprises [USA Today]

Curt Menefee Asked Erin Andrews a Very Strange Question About Her Tongue [TBL]

Finding God In Maximum Security Prison [Slate]

Thousands Of Visitors To Yahoo.com Hit With Malware Attack [Washington Post]

Firework’s Misfire Leads to Dazzling New Year’s Photo [Modern Metropolis]

The County Sheriff Who Keylogged His Wife [Ars Technica]

Expendable Income [Gwarizm]

Killer Robots: If No One Pulls The Trigger, Who’s To Blame? [The Week]

Penis Captivus’ Is A Real Condition, And It Sounds Awful [i09]

Is Industrial Hemp The Ultimate Energy Crop? [Pando]

KRS One Spazzes Out & Threatens To Kill His Former Weed Carrier [The Spizzy]

That’s Quite A Bit Of Sideboob, Anne Hathaway [Huff Post]

Rappin’ 4-Tay Calls Out Drake For Copying “Playaz Club” Lyrics [Urban Daily]

Alabama MILF Who Went Batshit At Sugar Bowl Says She’d Do It Again [BroBible]

Four People Arrested For Shoe Robbery Scheme [TSG]

Meth and Masturbation Don’t Always Mix (NSFW) [Peeperz]

?$1 Million Worth Marijuana Sold On First Day Of Legalization In Colorado [Giant]

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