The Superfriends Are Coming: Warner Bros. Announces Plans For ‘Justice League’ Movie

04.27.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Words By DrHipHop85

It’s pretty common e-knowledge that 2016 is the year DC/Warner Bros. are preparing to drop the sequel to last year’s Man of Steel, the tentatively titled ‘Batman vs Superman.’ Well, official news has broken that a Justice League movie is coming after the aforementioned Man of Steel sequel hits theaters.

The film, which will probably drop in 2018, is going to be directed by Man of Steel’s Zac Snyder and will more than likely feature Cavill’s Superman, Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, and the newly announced, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. No word yet on who all will comprise the big screen League or who their nemesis will be.

The skeptical nerd in me can’t damper the fanboy excitement from the prospect of seeing a fully formed Justice League at my local cineplex. Add on the fact that we’ll maybe get a good Green Lantern (JOHN STEWART PLEASE!) and finally see the Flash on the big screen and I can’t even pretend to not be just somewhat hype. And you know if we got a Justice League, can Darkseid or an Injustice League be too far behind?

So what do you guys think about this news? Are you excited about the prospects? Or do you not trust Zac Snyder (perhaps, rightfully so) or the casting choices for the DC Film-verse? And what other heroes and villains do you hope to see pop up in this uber-blockbuster?

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