Superstar Jay – I Am Mixtapes 22: NBA Playoffs Edition

04.25.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

It’s been a while since a “mixtape” was posted (and this one surely isn’t being posted because of the cover art). But this one has a lot of recent material, some that just dropped over the past 24-48 hours so I figured what they hell. It’s Saturday & you need music anyways. Hit the break.

02.Lloyd Banks Mic School Exclusive Dissing Rick Ross
03.Lloyd Banks Shut Your Mouth
04.Eminem 3 Am
05.Fabolous Its My Time
06.Lil Wayne Wake Up
07.Nas Afternoon
08.Cassidy Ringling Bros Feat Bathgate
09.Lil Wayne Freestyle
10.Jim Jones Uptown Feat Young Wonder Webstar Styles P
11.Nicki Manji I Get Crazzy Feat Lil Wayne
12.Young Buck Mafia Music
13.Clap Cognac Good Money
14.Max B Ron Paul Seven Digits
15.Game Big Nigga Feat Raekwon
16.Gucci Mane Wasted Feat Piles
17.Lil Wayne Jae Millz Clap Feat Jr Writer
18.50 Cent Freestyle
19.Nore Shoulders Move Rmx Feat Jim Jones
20.Radio Host Puts Rick Ross On Blast He Lost To 50 Cent
21.Mazardi Foxx Deep Cover Feat Ru Spits Dissing Rick Ross
22.Tommt 2 Face Make Music Feat Nature
23.Rawdoggz Reach The Stars Feat The Collation
24.Diamante Letter To Cash Money
25.Sgt War Freestyle
26.Playboy Surg Brigante Myself
27.Jim Jones Freestyle
28.Drake Love Her Feat Trey Songz

Download — Superstar Jay – I Am Mixtapes 22: NBA Playoffs Edition (Hosted By Lamar Odom)

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