“Keep Your Zunes & Sansas” – 100% Of Teens Want An iPod

04.09.09 9 years ago 34 Comments

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You ridicule the idea of paying for mp3s, you rebels you. Yet, we forget that not everyone is as savvy to the ways of thievery as you innernuts. But Apple isn’t going anywhere any time soon with this type of predicted dominance. And it’s the reason why they’ll be able to sell mp3s for whatever they want for years to come.

I keep telling the homie to give it a few years. There’s going to be a generation of kids who swapped iPods & iTunes for going to Circuit City Best Buy and grabbing books via their Kindle instead of Borders.

Survey: 100% of Teens Want an iPod; 0% of Teens Want Any Other Player [Gizmodo]

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