Sway Calls Out Troy Ave For Faking The Funk On His ‘In The Morning’ Freestyle

09.04.14 3 years ago 51 Comments

Recently appearing on Sway In The Morning, the Troy Ave and his artist Young Lito obliged in dropping the show’s customary freestyle. Only things went slightly off track as Sway pulled the rug from underneath Troy by removing two strategically placed plastic bottles showing Troy was reading the lyrics off his iPhone.

Troy’s neither the first nor the last to do this – i.e. Drake from a few years back. But the look on buddy’s face once Sway’s revealing takes place makes him look like a kid being caught cheating on a quiz (or me back in middle school when this girl figured out I was quoting Jagged Edge lyrics to her).

He later pulled out a wad of cash and began counting it, which would’ve been dope, had Cam not done it first years earlier during one of the greatest Rap City freestyles in recorded history.


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