“Sweeet Part 2”

04.02.09 9 years ago 23 Comments

It’s only April 2nd, but I can pretty much assure you this is the best $5 you’ll spend all month. If I’m lying, I’m dying. As anyone who’s listened to Sweeet, Smooove, Bittersweeet or anything by Neil, his mixes simply just do not disappoint. And after all that touring and hangin’ with Hov, he’s finally decided to drop a tape on the masses. Yep, Sweeet Part 2. You can see the song selection to see you’re getting good music, but no words are going to describe how magnificently Neil puts it together.

Here’s a little tester for you, an audio sample of Sweeet Part 2.


I implore you to preorder. Only $5 plus shipping & handling between April 1-5, so cop it for the cheap.

As for the Mr. Furley sportcoat & shirt Neil’s rocking on the cover…well, they don’t make those any more. Thankfully.

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