Beat Knowledge: Prepare For Summer With Swiff D’s ‘Washington Park’

04.17.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

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Swiff D does well as a low-key producer with big accolades. His work with artists like Pac Div, Snoop Dogg and, most recently, Schoolboy Q would have a lesser man claim he’s amongst the greats all over social media. Swiff’s not about the B.S. though and always lets his beats talk.

We’re better off this way because this man’s music speaks with great conviction. He messes around with a few rap persuasions from trap to boom bap. He’s at his best when he mixes hallmarks like drum breaks, fills, samples and synths with a few effects here and there. Washington Park largely sees Swiff D in his aforementioned comfort zone and the 10 track project hits throughout.

The project presents a consistently slick, laid-back sound perfect for the sunny days ahead. The kicks on this joint don’t hold back either so your speakers should get a good workout. I jump around on favorites with every spin but always come back “Theus’s 80s.” The snares have a nice pop to them and I dig how the delayed samples and horns keep things from sounding monotonous. Also that bassline really comes alive with the volume up.

Sean C and LV recently called their catalog “professional rap music’ on the Combat Jack Show. I’d extend the stated classification towards Washington Park without hesitation. It’s just tidy, full-sounding hip-hop music. Just keep it away from your struggle rapping friends and let these beats bang, thanks.

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