The iPod Shuffle – “Can We”

05.08.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

While cruising the mall yesterday, “Can We” came through the speakers in one of the fine urban establishments that blares local radio to the point where communication between shoppers and sales associates becomes impossible. My first thought was “man, this joint was a jam back in ’97.” Then my second thought, “damn, remember when Missy used to be the Lil Wayne of features?” Actually, she would compare to Ross currently, the modern figure other artists run to for an appearance which guarantees their single at least will get radio disc jockeys’ attention and increased chances of airplay.

Timberland’s listed as a feature here but his contributions aren’t discernible. Maybe he crafted the beat but I’m not going to peruse the liner notes to figure it out. The only feature which matters here is Misdemeanor’s randomized “Supa Dupa Fly” ad-libs and a quick verse, giving the track an added splash.

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