The World According To Julie J: #SXSW Photo Edition

By 03.19.14
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metro boomin young thug julie j lead

I took a break from my regular scheduled programing of taking cat pictures to venturing out to Austin for a bunch of pics with rappers (don’t worry, though, because the house that we stayed at had an indoor/outdoor cat so it wasn’t a total loss). Even though I look nearly identical in every shot, I promise I didn’t photoshop myself in these pictures.

100s Julie J

On the night of the Fool’s Gold Showcase, I was trying to meet up with Beware and AJ, but the venue was allegedly at capacity. I stood straight outside the venue and stared in at everyone having fun, before I noticed the very recognizable 100s right next to me. I had to get a picture with Beware and AJ’s new favorite rapper, who had the soundtrack to this year’s SXSW for The Smoking Section.

Ty Dolla Julie J

Ty Dolla $ign is that dude. We were both chilling in the back area of a venue, and then we took a picture. He’s really cool.

BoB Julie J

SXSW is always full of surprises. Ty Dolla $ign surprised us all by bringing out B.o.B for the “Paranoid” remix. Then, I was hanging around and snapped a flick with him.

Deniro Farrar - Julie J

Deniro Farrar’s thing, besides taking his shirt off during shows and yelling at the audience, is the whole bowed head and prayer hands. I think it’s safe to say that this picture means I’m part of his Cult Family now.

DJ Paul - Juicy J

Hands down, DJ Paul was one of the highlights of SXSW for me, with an incredibly raunchy and hilarious set that was full of rapey splendor. Sometimes he’s be so gross that he’d just start laughing. He also asked me, while I was standing on stage, if I wanted to have his child, and I said No.

“Don’t you know how much money you’d make from child support payments!? Stupid!” he also said to the crowd as I laughed.


There is no word on the street about the fact that Que was one of the nicest, most hard working guys with a clear vision that we met at SXSW this year. Check out Beware’s interview with him, ICYMI.

Kevin Gates_Julie J

We already know I love Kevin. At the DGB x LMT show, I was standing up in the VIP area with Kevin and it was relatively empty for a minute there after 2 Chainz, Future, and their respective entourages vacated the premises.

What I’m really saying is that I stood in the VIP with Kevin Gates for an hour and didn’t talk to him because I was too starstruck and intimidated, and will forever be disappointed in myself. Then, I went back to e-creeping online.

This particular picture is from the #RapGods show put on by our friends over at Southern Hospitality. I look so happy in that picture because I am.

metro boomin young thug julie j

Me with the futures of rap right here. Metro Boomin is one of my favorite producers, and is just going to keep getting better and better. And Young Thug? He looks diabolical, but did put on a great show. How lucky am I to have seen him perform “Some More,” with all the producers that he shouts out on the song – Sonny Digital, Metro, and TM88 – all on stage with him? Pinch me, I might be dreaming.

OJ Da Juiceman Julie J

Before I left for SXSW, I copped a new galaxy print backpack for the trip – you know, the one that you can see me wearing on HuffPo – and my mom laughed incessantly at me for the purchase. Then, a five year old complimented me on it at the airport on the way to Austin. I was doubting myself.

But, then I saw OJ Da Juiceman outside of a venue where he was performing. While I was getting business cards out of my bag for him and his crew, he told me that he liked my backpack. It was all worth it!

SL Jones_Julie J

SL Jones, SL Jones’ middle finger, and myself. We go way back. I sent this picture to Gotty because he didn’t attend SXSW this year.

So, also at the DGB show, 2 Chainz unexpectedly showed up. In a split second decision, I asked Ben, KD’s manager, if he’d take a picture of Tity and I. At the very last possible second, he told KD to get in my picture. It doesn’t even look like KD is photobombing us. It looks like 2 Chainz is photobombing my picture with KD.

Future Julie J

Tehehe, hey Future. *Brushes shoulder off*

Lil B - Julie J

To round out the whole SXSW experience, I saw the Based God himself in the airport. In fact, I found him sitting at a table with Asher Roth, who I talked to last year at the airport that may or may not have contributed to me missing my flight (I like to blame the ice cream that I just had to get for the plane ride. In my defense, my flight left early).

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