T.I. Feat. Rico Love – “Lay Me Down” Video

01.28.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Of course Clifford has no say-so in the matter whether or not it’s wise to continue to push this garbage. But if Drake was able to swallow his pride and can the “Fancy” video, then this half-baked Pop Tart® could have easily found its way on the cold, bottom end of a garbage pail. Then again, Drizzy doesn’t have lawyer bills that could be used to cop shorefront property in the Hamptons, either.

So here we are. A beat that worked much better for Missy Elliott and her pom-poms and features your typical rapper setup surrounded by breezies and yes men who should have deaded the song in the studio from which is was spawned.

Snooze, yawn, bore, snore. Wake me up when King Uncaged really drops.

Nevermind anything I’m saying, though. That Nicki Minaj lookalike saves the day. No Mercy is available now on your favorite torrent site.

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