T.I. Stars In “The Suicide Prevention Negotiator”

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Yeah, we all know Cliff is a big-hearted, honorable man whose intentions are generally well-intentioned (regardless of what his actions may bark). But this shit right here sounds like something out of a F. Gary Gray movie with $14 million in first-week box office sales. TMZ is reporting that T.I. heard about a suicide jumper on the 22-story building where Atlanta’s V103 calls their headquarters. Springing to action immediately, Tip grabbed his red cape and flew over to Ryan Cameron’s window to assess the situation.

It all went down earlier this afternoon — when cops responded to a 911 call about a man who was threatening to jump off a building in downtown Atlanta … the same building where Ryan Cameron’s Radio Show on V103 is based.

We’re told T.I. heard about the jumper on the radio — and called Ryan Cameron to see if there was anything he could do to help out with the situation.

Ryan Cameron tells us … he told T.I. to roll over to the building, where the rapper met with police and recorded a heartfelt video message which cops then played for the man on the roof.

We’re told after the man saw T.I.’s video he agreed to step off the ledge … and met T.I. in the lobby, where the two were able to talk things out.

Ryan Cameron also tells us that cops informed the radio station that they will not be pressing charges against the man.

Of couuuuurse they won’t. Because Grand Hustle hired him. Oops, did I type that? Think this is going to you get you in good with the judge, patna? Tune in next week when our hero rescues an entire nursing home from a burning building while simultaneously making an appearance on 106 & Park.

Oh, and before I forget: LMAO.

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