T.I. Tells The Story Of How One Of His Biggest Songs Was Almost A Throwaway

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11.30.14 13 Comments

Anytime T.I. talks in his articulate voice it means we’re in for good soundbites. His recent conversation with WatchLOUD fulfilled the prophecy as Clifford they went back to discuss his third album, Urban Legend, which celebrates its tenth anniversary today. He decided to share his original hesitation towards making “Bring’em Out” with Swizz. Specifically, he wasn’t keen on using Jay Z’s vocals from “What More Can I Say” as a sample for the song’s hook.

“I remember I did not want to do it,” T.I. recalls. “I remember I had been speaking to Swizz about doing a record for so long and we were supposed to get in the studio but I had to deal with a little legal matter, as usual, (Laughs). Swizz and (Atlantic Records CEO) Craig Kallman basically teamed up on me and said ‘Swizz has this amazing beat and he’s gonna to fly down there,’ and when I heard I was like ‘You ask Jay how he feel about being on this record?’ That was before people were sampling voices and making them their hooks. That actually began the trend…Swizz said, ‘Listen, let me deal with Jay. Just record the record.’ So I went ahead and knocked it out in about 30 minutes. I did it in a hurry to get on to another record and after I did it they were talking about a video, first single. That was THE record. But I kind of did it to throw it away. It was something new, different and out of the box for me. But I’m glad they pushed me to do it and that Jay allowed to have his sample in the hook.”

History wrote itself from there. The song did end up being Tip’s first top 10 hit on Billboard and it made our list as one of Swizz’s better songs as opposed to those stinkers he has in his catalog.

Cred: WatchLOUD

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