T-Shirt – “For The Record” Video

06.29.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

T.Shirt doesn’t have to explain anything to us. Sure, his video for “For The Record” raises a few questions. What kind of place is he in, with a jarringly-normal door cut in the stone wall? Who’s the girl that walks oh-so-tantalizingly past near the end of the Derek Pike-directed video? What the hell, in the end, is he even doing here? But these small mysteries, however interesting, never need to be solved. T.Shirt’s brand of tough-talk is answer enough on its own, especially when paired with Steel Tipped Dove’s dark, lurching piano keys.

Check the skill: “Hilarity ensued, Curb your enthusiasm, my sanity is skewed, But being the man I am whatever happens to me is the move, Room 112, pretty bitches tattooing me in the nude, That’s when I said f*ck school.” The man’s nice with the pen. Plus, any Curb Your Enthusiasm reference is a good thing.

T.Shirt’s latest album, I Should Just Chill, is available for free download via his Bandcamp. For a glimpse for the man behind the mic, check out his thoughts at illrapper.com.

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