Taco Bell To Sell Baked Potatoes Wrapped In Tortillas

11.09.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

After a certain point, it’s hard to wonder whether Taco Bell is trying to provide the best-possible stoner food or trolling the general public. For example, take the Mexican chain’s latest rendition of snack-food: a “loaded baked potato wrapped in a tortilla.” This news comes courtesy of Ad Age, which reports that the potato will be joined by an expanded dessert menu, and nachos also wrapped in a tortilla.

This all comes from the restaurant chain who was trying to cater to a more up-scale crowd. Not that those new Cantina Bowls looked foul or anything, but would you really go to a junior varsity basketball game looking for division one talent? Taco Bell seems fully aware of what their strengths are, and a baked potato wrapped in a tortilla definitely fits the bill.

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