Talib Kweli “New Leaders” Ft. The Underachievers + “The Wormhole” Video

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talib kweli gravitas

East coast rap currently enjoys a nice change of pace as NY’s old guard extends support to the city’s Hip-Hop newcomers. Method Man and A$AP Nast recently reintroduced the golden era’s sound to the masses with “Trillmatic” and Pete Rock, at the very least has something cooking with Joey Bada$$. Now Talib Kweli keeps the trend alive by featuring The Underachievers on “New Leaders:” the MC’s single for his latest album Gravitas.

Statik Selektah’s production takes things from zero to 60 in no time. The sounds like it needs to be in a highlight reel for the NBA Playoffs but that’s not to suggest it’s strictly for commercial use. This is definitely something you could use to motivate yourself with your struggle reps or last push on the treadmill.

Talib’s flow mixes a few popular patterns to mixed effect. It’s serviceable and a new look but it doesn’t initially come off as convincing. The Underachievers, meanwhile, hit the ears a bit more agreeably at first. It’s all uplifting music, as previously stated, so it’s a grower if given multiple spins.

As an extra, we tossed in the video for another album track, “The Wormhole,” which just released today, too.

Gravitas goes for sale online on December 15, 2013 at Kweli Club.

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