Talkin’ Loud: The Updated Comments Section

08.15.10 7 years ago 54 Comments

We understand that without our readers, TSS wouldn’t be what it is today. The Crew always takes pride in the fact that we have a community appeal where commenters come and weigh in constructively, bringing added insights to any topic we post. Therefore, we wanted to implement changes to the comments section to give more weight to your voices by using Disqus’ comment platform.

A quick rundown on a few of the features.

— You can now reply to each other.
— Ability to login in using several platforms.
— Subscribe to comments and replies, getting updates via email when another person leaves a new comment.

And there’s loads of other bonuses as well. All we want is to give those who already chime in a better voice and to encourage those who haven’t been sharing to jump into the fray.


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