Here’s Waka Flocka Telling You How To Get All The Ladies

12.03.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Hey, bud. Have your nights been cold and lonely? Have you been stalking your ex on all of her social media accounts? Are you a few lonely nights away from calling up that “DO NOT ANSWER” number on your phone? Hang in there, champ! Rap sex symbol Waka Flocka’s coming to your rescue!

In this debut episode of Brisk Bodega’s Rap PSA, Waka drops science on the complicated art of approaching and dating women in an episode titled “Talking To Girls.” Fozzie Bear recommends complimenting everything from your prospect’s hair to her clothes to her fingernails.

And when you’ve charmed your way into getting a first date, Waka recommends keeping it basic with such topics as aliens, philosophers and current events on CNN because you want to “see how a woman’s mind comprehends to the world.”

Good luck, sport!

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