Tay Walker – “Karma” Video

01.26.14 4 years ago

This spring, keyboardist and vocalist in one of the most proficient groups currently penning music, Tay Walker of The Internet fame, branches out for self with his forthcoming solo venture, 25 Hours A Day. The inaugural look stands as “Karma,” a melodic glimpse and hopeful tip of the iceberg into what Walker has planned. The feathery instrumentation combined with Tay’s presence make for a number the 1995 D’Angelo would have blushed and slow clapped in approval for.

“I wanted little pieces of things in it that makes you think ‘why is life full of games,'” Walker told The Juice’s Erika Ramirez. “I know what it’s like to have my heart broken and so does the world. This video is the exact feeling of that. This video shows how love can leave you alone with a lot of time on your hands to think about the games that are played between two people in love.”

Ideally, “Karma” represents 25’s complete range of capabilities. And given Walker’s track record proven by last year’s self-titled EP, best of luck finding a reason otherwise. Believe it or not, warmer months are on the horizon and with the change in temperature comes the expectation of music capable of mirroring the carefree ambience of the season. However, there’ll always be room for hypnotic, soul-tapping music to get lost in.

Thankfully, Tay Walker happens to fancy himself in just that.


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