8.11 The Cooler

08.11.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Jasmine Santiago

TBS Cancels ‘Lopez Tonight’ [EW]

Arizona Man Accidentally Shoots His Penis Off [Gawker]

Danny Brown, More Than A Punchline-Champ [Thrasher]

What Jay-Z, Rihanna, and White Girl Mob Have in Common [The Urban Daily]

First New Footage from Sons of Anarchy Season 4 [Warming Glow]

10 Cities That Need a Population Transfusion [Ask Men]

The Worst Summer Movie Sequels Ever [IGN]

Machine Gun Kelly Calls LeBron James “A Really Poor Example Of A Human Being” [HHDX]

Hey! Remember The Cool Kids?! [Passion Of Weiss]

Find Your Fall Fragrance [Style + Advice]

Rebecca Black Pulled Out of School After Being Constantly Harassed [GOT]

Every Single Death From The Final Destination Series [Moviefone]

Dwyane Wade Has Perfected The Left-Handed Face Touch [Basketball Jones]

Kreayshawn Wasn’t Built For Freestyling [Bark+Bite]

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