Meet The Teacher Who Quit Her Job Because Twerking On Vine Made Her Rich

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10.11.14 95 Comments

Jessica Vanessa

Social media sensation Jessica Vanessa is a 22-year-old “professional twerker” from the fail state of Florida. Formerly, Jessica was a teaching assistant before she realized she can make big bucks by twerking for the Vine.

With two million social media followers Jessica — her Vine username is JessicaVanessa — is a huge hit because apparently people like watching twerkers twerk. Her popularity makes her a hit with advertisers and it’s through those advertisers she’s able to make a living off of her six-second twerking clips that her creepy-looking brother shoots.

Here are some quotes to read while you mark that Sallie Mae email as “spam.”

What I make in six seconds, would take me like four months to make as a pre-K teacher at work. I don’t necessarily want to say my income, but I can tell you this: I bought a new car, paid it off in full, and I was able to get out of debt from my school that I graduated from.

Either I make money doing these videos or I’m going to be broke and jobless. Once I quit, thank god, all these opportunities, outta nowhere for some reason, just ran into my face. ‘Hey, we want you here. We want you there. Come travel here. Come travel there. We’re gonna offer you this much money and this much money.’ It was so much to take in.

I don’t necessarily miss being a Pre-K teacher. I do miss the people that I used to work with, as well as my old kids. But I never enjoyed working 9-5, 12-7. 2-7, however many hours it took, just because I always liked to entertain people. As a little girl, I always wanted to be somebody big. I always wanted to entertain people.

Dreams do indeed come true.

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