Tef Poe – “The Bidding War” x “Rap F*cked Up” Video

04.03.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Tef Poe’s been extremely focused for the past couple of years, avoiding negativity and naysayers. Recently, though, he apparently reached his boiling point, leading to today’s release of “The Bidding War,” a lengthy freestyle over Drake’s “5 A.M. In Toronto” instrumental. On the track, Tef lays it all on the line by addressing conversations surrounding gossip, the future of The Force and St. Louis’ standing in rap. Of course, with a name like “Bidding War,” an underlying message regarding his future lies waiting to be decoded by tuned in ears.

Also below, Tef’s recently released video for “Rap F*cked Up,” off his The Hero Killer.

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