Ten Minutes With Gotty

05.10.11 6 years ago 15 Comments

Photo: Marcus Troy

After reading the original “Second Sense” interview, I kind of remembered talking about a lot more topics than what was published. But then again, my memory’s shabby so I couldn’t recall if I actually talked about those things with Chan or someone else. It was her and she published part two, titled “Ten Minutes With Gotty” on Friday.

“My conversation with Gotty included much more than what could be included in the ‘John Gotty: The Second Sense’ piece so, I’ve opted to let you in on a few more “Gotty-isms”. The following Q&A touches on a few things you may or may not know about him (i.e. his stint as a writer for KING Magazine), his feelings on the XXL 2011 Freshman, and an inside look at what’s in his stereo.” [Chan-Lo]

I think it’s worth a read but I’m obviously quite biased.

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