10.19 The Cooler

10.19.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

Keyaura Caprece With Junk In The Trunk

Ten Stunning Fan-Made Music Videos [Paste]

Five Ways Twitter Will Make You Smarter [David Mullen]

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Iran To Completely Drop U.S. Dollar From Foreign Exchange [Pimpin Turtle]

Fake Lottery Winner Enrages Burlington Coat Factory Shoppers [Consumerist]

25 Top-Notch Ties [Trend Hunter]

Public Enemy x Daft Punk x DJ Hero TV Commercial [WooHa]

Steven Seagal’s Range Of Emotions [Ice Ice Babies]

New Super Mario Brothers Wii Game Cover And Trailer [Wii Hotties]

10 Hemp Products I Would Try [HMJ]

TSS Shirts Marked Down [TSS]

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