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Yes, things have changed.

Unknown to some, “hipster” or “alternative rap” weren’t spawned in this decade. The idea itself is laughable to me because for years, rap was an alternative to the radio & moved to a different current than the stream followed by the rest of the media & arts.

However, alternatives to the norm have always existed even inside of hip-hop itself.

Case in point – Arrested Development.

I was going to go into some long diatribe on how marvelous this album was when it was released & is still a good listen. But, I think if you give it a listen, you’ll either remember it or learn something about one of the facets of hip-hop, that was accepted & marched in step with Cube & others at the height of the G-Funk era, solely because they shared the common thread of being conscious.

Not just conscious in the sense of Blackness. But conscious…as in living and learning to live with the things around them. The negatives, the influences, the obstacles. Their environment & how to thrive as a part of it.

Most will recall or has heard the bigger songs from the album. Those are gettin play today. But for the last forty some-odd-minutes, “Dawn Of The Dreads” & “Mama’s Always On Stage”…I’ve been bringin’ those two back like a deejay.

Arrested Development – Tennessee 12″

1. Natural
2. Tennessee-Dubb Mix
3. Tennessee-For DJ’s Only
4. Tennessee-Remix
5. Tennessee-The Mix

Arrested Development – Tennessee 12″

Arrested Development – Everyday People (Video)

Arrested Development – 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of…

Arrested Development – Live in Europe 1993

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