Terrace Martin Yearns For His Anna Gordy

10.19.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Don’t judge him. Heartache can transform you into an oddball creature all the same. You too may find yourself in a coke-induced, fashion disaster if Devi Dev didn’t appear in any of your videos. But top props go to Terrace Martin for creating a body of work that deviates outside of the norm of today which largely consists of some sort of “Flu” or swag-associated madness.

O.K., actually the eponymous feature gets a big, fat WTF. Sometimes it’s better to be heard than seen. Hit up “The Makings of You” for some of that traditional California love.

“Here, My Dear” Video

“The Makings of You” Video

Download — Terrace Martin – Here, My Dear

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