Terrace Martin Can’t Stop Singing The Praises Of Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’

06.19.14 3 years ago 19 Comments

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Want to test the knowledge of “music heads” while igniting one of the all-time great debates? Ask a group of people five simple words.

Off The Wall or Thriller?”

For Terrace Martin, the next three minutes and 49 seconds etch his answer in stone. The immensely talented musician from the Left Coast waxes all sorts of poetics about The King of Pop’s fifth solo album in part three of his “Influences” video series.

It’s difficult denying the impact and the all-around complexities that made Wall such a stand-alone project. The melodies, the mesh of styles, the fingerprints from some of music’s most iconic names like Wonder, Temperton, Jones, McCartney and more, the 1979 classic truly was a “gumbo of greatness” as T-Mart puts it. And yet, it’s next to impossible to deny an album like Thriller, a project which literally captivated the entire world.

The positive in all this, though? Some will side with OTW while others pledge their life savings and first born to Thriller. And they’ll do so knowing at the root of the equation, no true wrong answer exists.

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