Want To Hear Terrace Martin & Snoop’s Gospel-Inspired Song About Getting High? Of Course You Do.

05.09.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


Hip-Hop’s obsession with weed is the genre’s most documented love story.* Picking my favorite ode to Mary Jane is impossible, but for sh*ts and giggles, I’ll say Bone Thugs’ “Budsmokers Only.”

Terrace Martin and Snoop Dogg’s “Let’s Go Get Stoned” is already one of the more unique. That’s because it’s basically a gospel record. As the old saying goes, God doesn’t like ugly, so playing a cruel joke on grandma the next time you’re driving her to church playing this is not recommended.

Although, it would be quite the hilarious case study to see how long it takes her to realize what she believes she’s listening to is actually the exact opposite.

3ChordFold Pulse drops May 20 with “new records as well as live versions and other exclusives from Terrace and his slew of talented friends.”

* – Not really, but it’s up there. Like really, really, really up there.

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