Terrace Martin & Preston Harris’ “You & Me” Is Anniversary Music

05.24.14 3 years ago 2 Comments


Now is around the time of year when many couples decide to tie the knot. For those celebrating anniversaries this weekend or anytime soon for that matter, Terrace Martin and Preston Harris’ “You & Me” is perfect for the candlelight dinner that’s been planned since New Year’s, you romantic sons of guns.

In all seriousness, Harris’ voice marinates perfectly with Martin’s melodic backdrop. Already on my fifth spin, those with time invested in marriages and long-term relationships should find “You & Me” sticking to the ribs in a tad more relatable fashion.

And speaking of Martin, throwing this word around is something that grinds my gears because of how loosely the term is applied, but the scope of T-Mart’s musical capabilities make him one of the more “underrated” present-day musicians. Rarely am I ever left with the feeling Terrace shortchanged me. This doesn’t mean every song is a bonfide classic, but the energy and ambiance a great chunk of his catalog creates fails to receive the praise it should. And then there’s Harris.

Preston may resemble the adult version of Huey Freeman, but the San Diego singer earned a new fan.

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