Terrelle Pryor Gets Drafted To Raiders, Purgatory

08.22.11 6 years ago 20 Comments

This morning had Terrelle Pryor pegged as a surefire fifth or sixth round pick. Pundits were even predicting that he would be better off as a tight end instead of trying to haul passes to receivers as his accuracy left a lot to be desired. Of course, none of these experts accounted for the wildcard: the looney, half-dead owner of the Raiders, Al Davis. The Cryptkeeper himself pulled the plug on picking up Pryor in the third round, paying him much more than anyone else was willing to, including a $600,000 signing bonus.

There’s a good and bad to this, actually. While Pryor goes to the land where careers die slowly in Oakland, he has a better chance of getting some playing time as Al’s crazy ass is likely to trot the former Ohio State QB out by week 7 if Jason Campbell continues to play like Jason Campbell. But, of course, he’d be the starting QB for Oakland, which means nobody will notice or care how he does with his four-win team.

Now, can we finally stop talking about Terrelle Pryor and focus on teams that will actually compete this year and players that will actually matter? Thanks.

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