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Sizzling Sidney Lauren

That Boise State Fake Punt [With Leather]

Will New Airport Body Scanners Stop Terrorist Attacks? [TIME]

“The Wire” Actor Joins FX’s “Lights Out” [Reuters]

Booty Bandit Loose in Williamsburg [Gawker]

Do LA Rappers Ever Retire? [Unkut]

RZA Gets John Woo’s Permission To Direct “Bullet In The Head” [WooHa]

James Cameron’s “Avatar” = Disney’s “Pocahontas” [Filmdrunk]

Trailer For Tyler Perry’s “Why Did My Wife Get Cancer” [Film Drunk]

Smoking Finally Better For You Than Something Else [The Awl]

Johnny Gill Replaces The Coset Door With a Little Stain Glass [Media Outrage]

Do You Need Titles In A Relationship? [NWSO]

Does Bar Rafaeli Ever Get Dressed? [The Life Files]

Dating Site For Beautiful People Expels “Fatties” After Holiday Weight Gain [CNN]

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