The 10 Best Remixes To Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Songs

08.22.14 3 years ago 10 Comments
Best Saturday Morning Cartoon Theme Songs Remixes

Words By KJ Kearney

A lot of people seem to be pissed that people like Michael Bay are “ruining their childhood” but making explosive remakes of their favorite Saturday morning cartoons. “Waaaannn! That’s not how Michelangelo is supposed to look!” Stop being a big baby, you big baby! Yes, we enjoyed these shows in our youth but, if you’d allow yourself a moment of honesty, they were alright. Certainly not infallible. Put it this way, if you had 300 channels to choose from now like you did then, you might not have been the hardcore TNMT fan you claim to be. Me? I’m down with innovation. Go ahead, break some eggs and make omelettes.

In the spirit of honoring the past while embracing the future, I’d like to share 10 remixes of some of our most cherished Saturday morning cartoons.

1. Jem

I know I’m not the only dude that enjoyed the musical stylings of Jem and the Holograms! But despite that, I’d put her in the same category as Superman for having the absolute worst disguises. So, you take of the hat, add a pink wig and no one knows who you are? I know some dudes that wish they could hide from their baby mamas that easily but that’s none of my business.

2. Powerpuff Girls

Yet another girl-centric show that I unabashedly enjoyed–the movie too–and I ain’t gonna lie, I was hella pissed when they cancelled this show. But word on the street is Cartoon Network has realized the error of their ways and are bringing them back. In the meantime, rock out to the R&B remix of their theme song by Scott Bradlee, whose work will show up a couple times before this list is over).

3. Sailor Moon

Wow! Didn’t I think Scott and them would be back on the list so soon, eh? Don’t question it. Just bask in the ambiance of a black woman that can soulfully sing in Japanese.

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