The 12 Other Albums You Should’ve Listened to This Year

12.19.12 5 years ago 40 Comments

We’re all going to die on December 21, which is fine. Nothing like going down in a big, fiery blaze because some long-dead culture decided December 21, 2012 was the perfect day for civilization to meet its maker*. In any case, at least we as music fans had a great year. Besides the obvious, incendiary Hip-Hop projects we here at TSS covered, there were plenty of other LPs worth celebrating–and, inevitably, taking to our grave–across the music spectrum: Beach House’s Bloom! Channel ORANGE! Japandroids’ Celebration Rock!

So here are our favorite 12. Of course, there were lots, tons, silos-full of awesome non-Hip-Hop music released this year, so let us know what else you thought deserved our attention. Maybe we can fit in a listen before the apocalypse.

* – Although, the Mayans never took into account leap years, so maybe we’re all dead already. Trippy.

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