The 15 Greatest Lil Wayne Songs (Since 2008)

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As an old-school Cash Money Records stan, there’s a part of me who will always want to see Lil Wayne succeed. Since walking out of prison in the fall of 2010, one thing has been clear: he hasn’t really regained his rapping legs. Or in Internet terms, “Lil Wayne fell off.” To an extent, said belief is true but it’d be wrong to imply he hasn’t had flashes of dopeness along the way.

That said, we decided to update our original “best of” Lil Wayne choices, originally published in 2008. We put together 15 “pretty damn good” to “yeah, Wayne killed that sh*t” moments. With Dedication 4 on the horizon, the tape does hold some importance for Junya, even as he continues to preach rapping has become more of a chore than passion. As is standard procedure, feel free to agree, disagree and throw hissy fits in the comments below.

1. Ace Hood Feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – “Hustle Hard (Remix)”

“Got a big house with a backyard, fish tank with sharks in it
Real nigga I’m authentic
I’ll fuck the bitch ’til she short winded
Got a bad bitch who be bartending
Couple homies that gang bang
I get on anybody track and hit that bitch with that Wayne train…”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this was one of the first tracks Wayne appeared on post-prison. And he has yet to spit anything better than this since.

2. “We Back Soon”

“No bullshit, no Derrick Rose on them bitches
My niggas bring me them bitches with no clothes on them bitches
I promise, I do 2’s, 3’s and 4’s of them bitches
Man, I do everything but propose to them bitches…”

Like so many other Wayne songs, “We Back Soon” never found an album home. Quintessential Wayne with quirky lines – who was probably higher than gas prices – from start to finish make this the Weezy so many want to return full-time. This is damn good riding music, too.

3. “Bill Gates”

“Throw up blood with my hands, my gang poppin’ niggas
Smoke that kush and not that Reggie for you night droppin’ niggas…”

Lost in random Weezy-related topics, this song still has one of the funnest hooks to recite when you’re faded.

4. Trae Tha Truth Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – “Inkredible”

“My bitch so fuckin’ right every night I fuck her twice
Big boy money bitch pockets on Charlie Weis…”

Consider this interchangeable with “Veterans Day”, which should have definitely landed on Teflon Don. I digress. Wayne stole show on both tracks regardless.

5. Drake & Lil Wayne – “Ransom”

“And I hate a bony bitch only like ’em only thick
And I own Hip-Hop if you don’t spit I’m gon’ evict
And I just sold a lot of property to a buyer
And I think his name was kinda like Drake Drizzy Rogers or
Drizzy Drake Rogers I’m too busy to play father…”

It’s funny looking back that this track served as the introduction to Drake for so many of his current fans. Four years later, “Ransom” still stands as one of their standout tracks together (and there are a few).

6. “Gucci Gucci” Freestyle

“Tunechi, Tunechi tote the tooly fuck around and pop ya
My homies got that white girl call it Lady Gaga…”

Sorry For The Wait, much like Tha Carter IV a month later, was a disappointment and probably should have been called Why The Hell Did We Wait? That said, Weezy did flip Kreayshawn’s 2011 standout and flexed all over it.

7. DJ Khaled Feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – “I’m On One”

“I walk around the clubbbb, fuck everybody
And all my niggas got that heat, I feel like Pat Riley…”

Regardless of what you enjoyed most about the song – Drake’s hook, the beat or Khaled in Drake’s Miami high-rise overlooking the city while holding a Four Loko – this song was the the unequivocal anthem of summer 2011.

8. Juicy J Feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz – “Bandz A Make Her Dance (Remix)”

“What’s yo real name, and not yo stripper name
I make it rain on you, like a window pane
Bandz a make her dance, Tunechi make her cum
Hit. It. From. The. Side. Like. A. Mothafuckin’. Bass. Drum…”

Personally speaking, Weezy’s appearance on “Bandz” could very well be the most enjoyable verse he’s spit since “Hustle Hard.” I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but off the top of my head I say that with confidence.

9. Gudda Gudda Feat. Lil Wayne – “I Don’t Like The Look Of It”

“I ain’t worried ’bout shit, everything paid out
You can catch me court side at Dwyane Wade house
With a high yellow thick bitch with her legs out
Cash Money President, but we in a red house…”

Wayne’s sports references are usually quite entertaining. He should probably think about doing that a few times on D4. Just a suggestion though.

10. Yung Joc Feat. Lil Wayne – “Drip”

“S-s-soo woo to the B-hive, strapped like T.I.
I keep that bitch on me like the Book of Eli…”

This was one of those songs Wayne recorded before checking into Rikers. It sucks, too. Not the song, but the fact Joc missed out on an opportunity to make a comeback.

11. Ke$ha Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, T.I. & Lil Wayne – “Sleazy 2.0”

“Got some skinnies and a tee on
And some Vans and my man’s got the ratchet
While I’m laying in some pussy you’ll be laying in a casket…”

This is still head scratching. Somehow, someway, Ke$ha managed to get four of rap’s hottest names on the same damn song. And not only that, all four of them ripped the track to smithereens. Yes, smithereens.

12. Usher Feat. Beyonce & Lil Wayne – “Love In The Club (Part 2)”

“I say we could do it like a stack
I mean we could do it like a G
On the couch in V.I.P
Shawty we just get it on
I’m like shout out to the DJ for playing this song
Girl we can act like two damn fools
Have everybody think we doing a dance move…”

In 2008, Wayne went platinum in a week. In 2008, Wayne became the biggest rapper in America. In 2008, Wayne crossed over. And a part of that crossover process came with his appearance on “Love In This Club Part 2,” featuring two of R&B’s biggest names of the past quarter century. And he snapped on it, too.* Oh, and let’s be honest about one more thing. Beyonce made having sex in the club sound like the classy thing ever.

* – I admit I’m partial to this song. It was one of the staple records of my second semester senior year in undergrad.

13. Rich Boy Feat. John Legend, Lil Wayne & Nas – “Ghetto Rich (Remix)”

“OGs used to tell me you just rap
Lil’ nigga all you need to do is rap
And just when I thought I was gonna do just that
Poppa was a Rolling Stone and them stones was crack
Fuck being like Mike I wanna be like pop
Then I picked up a mic I wanna be like ‘Pac…”

Coincidental or not, Wayne always seems to step his game up when paired alongside Nas (see Busta’s “Throw Da Water On ‘Em” and “My Generation” from Distant Relatives). “Outro” on C4 not withstanding seeing as how Wayne chose not to rap on his own album’s closing track.

14. “Never Get It”

“Everyday I’m hustlin’, fillin’ up my cup again
With that purple stuff again, I can’t get enough of it
Point me in the direction of a swisher and I’m stuffin’ it
With that purple stuff again, I’m on some same color shit…”

Although it would have served as a welcomed addition to Tha Carter III, this David Banner-produced number stands as one of the most criminally slept on tracks from Wayne.

15. The entire No Ceilings mixtape

The last, truly undeniable body of work from Weezy. Nothing but Notable Quotables throughout. If Dedication 4 is half the tape this is…

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