TC Sings The Bricks IV: The Most Disappointing Hip-Hop Albums Of 2010

12.30.10 7 years ago 46 Comments

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go grab your popcorn or whatever junk food your clog keyboard with. Everything to be remembered at the end of the year isn’t all sugar and dumplings. With sales down and attention spans waning by the second, it is more than vital for a musician to use their allotted spotlight to give us the best they got, or get off the pot. Simple as that.

Let the record show that these lists aren’t necessarily the “wackest” albums of the year. Oh no, I could post up some of the site submissions that would make some of these look like the 2nd coming of Illmatic (yeah, that bad). However, with the amount of build-up and subsequent failure of the lot of these from a quality standpoint, their inclusion is mandatory for the greater good of music preservation. Instead, these 17 notable acts toyed with our emotions and ultimately let us down.

Disagree all you want, these will all be commemorative discuses for the 2012 Olympics.

Let the games begin!

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