The 2010 NFL Season: 12 Things To Watch

09.08.10 7 years ago 38 Comments
There’s nothing better than the start of a new NFL season. Everyone’s in first place, hope springs eternal for fans the world over & it just brings a certain electricity to the air. Combined with college football, the weekends now have purpose and don’t require much planning on the entertainment front. While waiting for things to officially kick off, the Crew got together and brainstormed a few things that we thought warranted a closer look throughout the season. It’s definitely not an be-all, end-all list, but we definitely feel like they could have some impact on the league this year.

1. The Albert Haynesworth/Mike Shanahan Dynamic

We’re not Redskins fans. Yet and still, we feel somewhat sorry for their fans because this Haynesworth fellow pulled the football version of the Louisiana Purchase when he took $100M in 2009. In return, he’s given them essentially nothing except for more failed conditioning tests than sacks. He’s been everything but innocent this entire summer and, the way things are sounding, they’re going to get a lot worse before better.

2. “QB Or Not QB: That Is The Question”

So which rookie quarterback is going to be the next Peyton Manning? Or maybe the next Leinhart? With many college superstars entering the league this year, it looks like most of them will be riding the pine. This year’s class includes names like Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Claussen, but number one draft pick Sam Braford seems to be the only one getting significant playing time under center. Unfortunately, most of that time he’ll be getting to know the league’s top tier defensive ends – on his back. While the other rooks wait to get promoted, we”ll be figuring out all the names of the new NCAA quarterbacks.

3. How Many QB’s Ndamukong Suh Will Decapitate By Season’s End

Can anyone remember the last time a defensive lineman had people this excited to watch football, let alone the Lions. Detroit likely won’t contend for the NFC Championship this season, but Ndamukong Suh will definitely be worth the price of admission. After seeing him tear Jake Delhomme’s head clean off his shoulders, best believe Jay Cutler, Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre are praying their offensive lines remain healthy. The over/under for Suh? Six. He’s definitely going to get Cutler though.

4. The Batman & Robin Show aka T.O. Joins The Cincinnati Bengals

Over the past five years, the Bengals have clawed their way from the depths of the leagues bottom feeders into a respectable franchise. Their success is due in large part to a couple of draft picks actually panning out and becoming the Midwest equivalent of the Oakland Raiders, rolling the dice and becoming a safe haven for talented, but troubled cast-offs. After Antonio Bryant didn’t work out, they decided to bring Terrell Owens on board with the blessing of both Chad Ochocinco & Carson Palmer. Now fighting for both ratings and catches, it’ll be interesting how friendly the dynamic duo will still be by season’s end, especially with Owens on field production directly affecting his bank account.

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