The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 15 – A Song That Describes You

05.15.11 7 years ago 14 Comments

The cliché rapper line has always been “my life is a movie,” but most who choose to rap don’t star in the film day-to-day. Aside from being a part-time writer, I’m also an aspiring emcee and employee for the man, one of many “Blu Colla Workers.”

On Friday night, I uttered the aforementioned vapid expression as I was shooting a video in front of flame-swallowing dancers at a rave next to a river near Sacramento. The shoot was one of beauty, and, when it gets viewed by the YouTube audience, my appearance will seem magnificent, perpetuating the ideas already running through their heads about rap life.

However when Monday comes around, the flame-swallowers will most likely be doing something mundane like shopping for toothpaste & I will be on the corner of the street blowing leaves into piles and bagging them up for nine hours without a break. When I get off work, I’ll have a meeting which will be followed with phone calls, e-mails, song mixing & marketing research. My head will hit the pillow at 11 or so, giving me the opportunity to wake up at 6:30 to repeat the process four more times.

It’s tough juggling act when you’re chasing a dream while simultaneously trying to make ends meet in Stockton, CA, one of the most economically troubled cities in the US. Time & money becomes less & less available every day, while the importance of love & affection grows with every step of the way. This makes dating near impossible but gives way to an appreciation for a good woman not found before the limelight that alters their perception.

In Blu’s song “Blu Colla Workers” he illustrates the idea with pinpoint accuracy on the first verse, expressing the contradictions that he struggles with daily in regards to balancing living life & making a better one. His lyrics are hopeful, based in humility and from the heart. The chorus is a tune he most likely sung a million times before Exile provided him the beat to match it. In the second verse, he rhymes from the position of a frustrated dreamer imagining his mind state when he becomes the jaded success story who has everything but “the one” in his corner. In the song. he exclaims that it’s “hard to explain it over beats,” but in my eyes, he completed the task perfectly.

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