The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5 – Song That Reminds You Of Someone

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For anyone who has played sports at any level, it’s always important to practice proper stretching and hydration to prepare for the big game. No amount of electrolytes or muscle therapy, though, can quite get the testosterone pumping like the perfectly selected sonic therapy.

Before indoor soccer games in high school, my three best friends and I would pile into a cramped SUV with a motley assortment of tunes. There would be the typical goofball picks of soft-rock luminaries like Amy Grant and Wilson-Phillips. However, once those “cheese ball” choices passed, our final tune would set our minds right: Three 6 Mafia’s “Most Dangerous Posse.”

Although we were the least likely foursome to look like any sort of “dangerous” crew, the Memphis collective’s fierce, rattling anthem turned us into Trojan soldiers ready to wage war on the synthetic, rubbery indoor pitch. The track–introduced to us by my southern friend Chris who had recently moved up north–became our pregame staple for three years.

There is something undeniably salient about “Most Dangerous Posse”; it not only hits with a testicle-shattering slathering of bass, but each lyricist’s verse is simply vicious. Like, rabid-dog vicious, with the ability to turn the biggest pacifist into Rambo within the first 30 seconds.

But it wasn’t just the maniacal tonal qualities of “Most Dangerous Posse” that made it stand out. The song itself was a testament to my friendships with Matt, Chris and Lucas. Like all friends, we had varied tastes in all things that guys bond over. However, we could all agree that this Memphis collective’s track was one of the only songs we wanted to listen to before games. The decision to push play was always mutual and emphatic. Even my friend Matt–who still holds Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales in the same musical echelon as Ready to Die–agreed that the perfect way to prepare for a game was to push play and let DJ Paul’s gruff introduction set the tone.

Even though we study at different colleges throughout the Midwest and Texas, I always think of those guys whenever the song pops up on my iPod. Who knows: maybe it’ll transcend high school and appear at the wedding of whichever one of us gets married first. Then we can get DJ Paul, Juicy J, Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy, Crunchy Black and Lord Infamous to follow Project Pat’s footsteps and perform live at the nuptials. Now that would be something to remember.

Three 6 Mafia Feat. Hypnotize Camp Posse – “Dangerous Posse”

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