The Away Team Featuring Nervous Reck – The Warm Up

05.01.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

There’s never anything wrong with a free album and it’s been a pretty good year for albums bearing that $free.99 price tag this year. Here’s one from the Justus League camp.

During 2006 Sean Boog, Khrysis and Nervous Reck (Bomm Sheltuh) recorded a slew of songs and put together an album called The Warm Up (shout out to the homie J Cole). Originally we were going to release it before we even recorded Training Day … but with out going into detail we ended up doing Training Day. For the last few years we debated what to do with this album. So finally since we think the music is far to good to go to waste and to give the fans some dope shit to listen to, we are giving it to everybody for free download. Pass the word on!!!!

Tracklist and link after the jump.

1. The Warm Up*
2. Look At Me *
3. WiseCracks *
4. Smiley Face *
5. Champion *
6. Can You Blame Me (Produced by J.Cole)
7. Girl Oh! * (feat. Cheddar Chapp)
8. Turn It Up* (feat. Sean P)
9. Vice Grips (Produced by Erv)
10. Torturous *
11. License to Thrill (Interlude) (Produced by Nervous Reck)
12. Original Sin- Nerv solo (Produced by Nervous Reck)
13. Nothing Comes Easy * (feat. Cheddar Chapp)
14. Home Alone * (feat. Quianna)
15. U Fell Off! (Produced by Bob Wire)
16. Get That Doe *

*Produced by Khrysis

Download — The Away Team Featuring Nervous Reck – The Warm Up

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