RIM’s Stock Drop = The Official Beginning Of BlackBerry’s Ending?

06.17.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Last week Apple announced their newest mobile operating system, iOS 5, and we subsequently predicted the beginning of the end of BlackBerry maker RIM. Well, the wheels are officially in motion. After disclosing yesterday that the company had not met its expected revenue, its stock nose-dived 15% after-hours. As in, not even when stocks were being traded. And it happened in just one meager evening. Worse still, it’s all part of an ongoing trend that’s resulted in the value of RIM being slashed just about cleanly in half from what it was in January of this year.

But by far the gravestone is that their summer product lineup isn’t much cause for optimism for the future. RIM’s PlayBook tablet lacks basic features like e-mail, which is what built RIM into the powerhouse it was. Additionally, its fundamental line of BlackBerry phones hasn’t evolved and kept up with the competing market and as a result RIM’s app store is filled with a cluster of worthless items.

Good thing you jumped ship to Droid when you did Gotty™.


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