The Birdman Daddy, He’s Fly In Any Weather…

04.28.09 9 years ago 21 Comments

I looked @ this tee yesterday for hours, searching for just the right words to encompass all the things I see. There’s so many that I couldn’t. I know many won’t see eye to eye with me but I like dude’s story. Going undrafted & playing his way into the League after performing overseas. Kicked out the League for substance abuse & dubbed “the most disgraced NBA player since the drug-induced haze of the 1980s”. All before making it back and being a major contributor (if not points, then heart & hustle) to the Nuggets success.

Then having his face emblazoned on a shirt.

Available for $12 ($1 of which goes to charity) @ Altitude Athletics and seen via Ball Don’t Lie

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