The Black Man’s Country Club…

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Words by C. Hannibal Smith

Might want to check out this Don Cheadle flick, “Talk To Me”, that opens Friday. It’s about “Petey Greene, the legendary deejay and ex-convict who was the voice of an explosive era in Washington, D.C.”

Talk about unappreciative. Al Green talks out the side of his neck about the music that helps keep him relevant. No telling how many royalty checks he’s cut from samples.

Twista gets to address the tough issues of the day in this Chicago Tribune RedEye blog. Here he’s telling shorties to stop killing each other at school.

Homophobia in rap music? No homo, but there are some good points in this write-up featured on Davey D’s blog.

The best thing about L.L. promising to go away, at least from recording, is that you won’t have to see him lick his damn lips in any more videos. But the worst part? More crappy movie roles.

Free issue of Vice magazine, always one of my favorite fringe pubs.

Ay, YO…Kansas City Star recently ran an article examining country music’s lyrics and videos . Said about one Country singer’s vid: “It’s not quite Nelly’s ‘Tip Drill,’ but it’s close.”

“Phatmass isn’t trying to bring hip-hop into church, we’re trying to bring the church into hip-hop.” Catholic rap? Sure, Kirk Franklin, “robbing God’s people” type raps I can handle. But this? Nah.

The Zune “Live at the BBQ” free concert series a.k.a Bill Gates’ move to steal market share from Itunes, will be hitting cities starting this week. L.A. on July 12th, Chi on July 22 and Rotten Apple on Aug. 4th. Common, Mos Def, Clipse, Cham, David Banner, UGK, Large Professor, Collie Buddz, E-40, and Joel Ortiz are all on the bill.

LAist breaks down a classic L.A. album – Ice Cube’s Death Certificate.

I was checking this article on hiphop’s entrepenerial spirit, and it reminded me of this Business Week piece on Puffy’s former punching bag Steve Stoute, and his marketing empire. And another article makes good points about “rap moguldom.”

Bury the N-word? Sure, I’m all about respecting my brothers…but this is pure irrelevance. How ’bout we just make it a law that white people can’t say it. :)

Of course this whole thing is used simply to highlight the NAACP’s convenion in Detroit…where they took aim at Jigga.

“I heard somebody say that when (rapper) Jay-Z talks about hos, he gets a gold record. When Don Imus talks about hos, he gets fired .”

It’s far too easy to blame this music for society’s ills, but at least some cats have different arguments.

Finally, some support over here: “Voldemort is no rapper. If we’re going to seriously address the “culture of disrespect,” perhaps we should start with the dark lords who creep into our homes daily, selling products and offering “family” entertainment.”

And about the N-word burial: “We should be mindful of others, set good examples..but at the same time this is America and we must always support the right to be unpopular.”


Lil Wayne – Prayer

Lil Wayne – White Horse

Kasual – Dress Code (Produced by JR Rotem)

Ransom – Nightmares

Styles P Feat. Talib Kweli – Phantom Session

Mario – No Definition


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