The Black Opera – “Black Superstar”

05.18.12 6 years ago

Being in the limelight is difficult to navigate for many newly minted stars. However it seems like the minefield that is fame is even more dangerous for stars based in the black community. World class athletes are robbed at gunpoint and stabbed in nightclubs. Police surveillance is seemingly laser-focused on the shiny new toys owned by your favorite rappers. Even the neighborhood trap star finds himself under the watchful eye of the hood as he makes his ascent to power.

The mysterious crew Black Opera serves as a greek chorus of sorts as these various pitfalls play out in their new track “Black Superstar.” Produced by yU of Diamond District, tick tock snares signify the soon to be detonated time bomb that awaits the materialistic, flashy, would-be celebrity making their sname in a hood near you.

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