Hustler’s Remorse…

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“…Rapper’s is talkin’ to me as if (c’mon)
We in the same boat
I tell them quick, no I move coke (Uh Uh)
And you and I don’t share no common bonds
So forgive me if I don’t receive you with open arms (No)
It shames me to no end
To feed poison to those that could very well be my kin
But when there’s demand, someone will supply
So I feed them their needs, at the same time cry
Yes it pains me to see them need this
All of ‘em lost souls and I’m their Jesus
Deepest regret is sympathy to the streets
I’ve seen ‘em pay for their fix when their kids couldn’t eat (So sorry)
And with this in mind, I still didn’t quit
And that’s how I know that I ain’t shit (I ain’t shit)
My heart grieve, but that’s aside from the fact
I live for my kids & theirs & their youngin’s after that.”

Malice from “I’m Not You” off the album Lord Willin’

Like most people growing up in the ‘80s I’ve seen the effects the crack game had on my family from both sides. So as much as I enjoy the “coke rap” genre of Hip-Hop, it sometimes rings hollow when only the viewpoint of the successful hustler is portrayed. I understand that you have to lose your conscience to a degree for any realistic chance to succeed in the dope game, but at the end of the day your still human.

That’s why Malice’s succinct, yet powerful verse on “I’m Not You” has always stuck with me. The picture that he painted is so vivid that I had no doubt his words were true. Regardless of whether it was first or second-hand account, it was evident he had some experience on his side. Although he and Pusha dropped little barbs throughout the album letting listeners know the game isn’t a bowl of cherries, this verse lingers with you well after the songs over.


Download — The Clipse Feat. Jadakiss, Styles P. & Roscoe P. Coldchain. – “I’m Not You”

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