The Clutter Shuffle – “Give Me A Call”

08.02.09 8 years ago 5 Comments

Devin The Dude
I don’t know either Devin…smh

Allow me to parody the shit Gotty’s™ been doing as of late.

The kaleidoscope of files and folders that was once my desktop could probably harbor some murder-death-kill Marilyn Manson bullshit and my eyes wouldn’t catch it until my ears took the fall. Such is the case with a certain bologna sandwich of a track with Mike Jones and Devin Copeland.

As obstinately stated time and time again, we listen, review and rate our albums as a Crew and leftovers from a “forced listening” aren’t all that uncommon. When I gave The Voice a couple spins for MZ to proceed with the write-up, the music was so mundane, I actually dumped it from memory.

So you can imagine my surprise when I let iTunes run wayward and heard:

“You know my d!ck been hard…waiting for you…”

N*gga what?!

I gazed at my computer like it had stepped on my new Hufquakes. Dumbfounded, I sat memorized as Iceage and The Dude sheepishly traded Cap’n Kirkisms, begging for some trim alongside more bells and whistles than the Chuck-E-Cheese prize counter. The quality of the recording, equally bad as the song itself, gave off the impression that the two recorded this masterpiece on different planets with the horribly mismatched volume levels and pitch as evidence.

While it’ll take awhile for me to completely clean up my act, today was a giant leap for mankind.


Download — Mike Jones Feat. Devin The Dude – “Give Me A Call”

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