Six Years Later, Celebrating The Comedic Genius Of Bernie Mac

08.09.14 3 years ago 29 Comments
Saturday Night Live

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It’s been six whole years since Bernard “Bernie Mac” McCullough passed, succumbing to a bout with pneumonia. In that time Mac’s legacy has only grown stronger with the syndication of The Bernie Mac Show and all of his bits that live on via YouTube.

Bernie used the Kings of Comedy platform much more effectively than his counterparts, coming in as the only performer lacking prime-time television experience and ending up as the only member of the quartet to earn an Emmy nomination. His performance amongst the other Kings would catapault him to stardom, landing him a role in Ocean’s Eleven amongst superstars Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon.

But of course it was Bernie’s musings about his sister’s kids and their quest for milk and cookies that would eventually be the basis for the Emmy Award-winning show. To celebrate Bernie’s life and mourn his passing six years ago today let’s watch the “My Sister’s Kids” bit and the pilot episode of his namesake show.

So go ahead, click play and laugh really hard at one of the greatest of all time.

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